RAM@Campu | In the Laboratory with the Curator @Tongji Creative and Innovation High School

Venue: Tongji – Huangpu School of Design and Innovation
Speaker: Billy Tang
Guide: Pan Min

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About the Event

How is a piece of artwork presented in a museum?

What is a curator? What does a curator do?

Through what different kinds of lens can we approach a piece of artwork?

Part 1  10:00-11:00

Freshman students and teachers from Tongji Huangpu School of Design and Innovation will start from a guided tour around the exhibition of Hugo Boss Asia Art 2019, with the help of a questionnaire co-designed by teachers and RAM education department. Based on their observation and analysis, students will enrich their understanding of the exhibition in terms of space design/ materials/ the way of presentation as well as curatorial concepts.

Tour Guide: PAN Min, Education Manager of Rockbund Art Museum

Part 2  11:00-12:00

After the guided tour, students will have a discussion with the curator of this exhibition - Billy TANG inside the classroom and will share their thoughts and reflections. Besides answering the questions from students, the curator will introduce the process of exhibition production and the role of curator during this process based on certain work of Hugo Boss Asia Art 2019. Billy TANG will also make suggestions on students’ artistic creations from other coursework of their programs in order to guide students to apply their curatorial knowledge into their personal creative practices.

Speaker: Billy TANG, Senior Curator of Rockbund Art Museum

About Tongji-Huangpu School of Design and Innovation

In 2017, Tongji-Huangpu School of Design and Innovation was established by Bureau of Education of Shanghai Huangpu District, collaborated with College of Design and Innovation at Tongji University. The school aims to carry out the national innovation development strategy in response to the demands of the reformation of Shanghai comprehensive education, the cultivation of innovative talents as well as the globalization centered on Shanghai.

Taking “being different from the tradition and focusing on the future” as its tenet, the school features innovative education oriented by “design thought”, intending to “cultivate innovative talents with interdisciplinary conception, creativity, leadership, teamwork, and social responsibility who will fit in the economic and social development in the future”. Focusing on the connection between the high school and university education, Tongji-Huangpu School strives to build a curriculum system based on the innovation cultivation. With the accumulation of knowledge, the expansion of vision, as well as the enhancement of confidence, the school aims to support students to become “a knowledgeable, judicious and courageous” talent with design thought as means of adapting to the reform in the future.

Billy Tang is Senior Curator of the Rockbund Art Museum (RAM) in Shanghai. He joined the museum in Spring 2018. His previous projects have helped to introduce moving-image artists to new audiences in Mainland China, commissioning large-scale works of young artists, and curating projects that look to disrupt the architectural function and experience of the exhibition space. Other projects involve curating daily interventions that explore how art appears or is consumed by visitors—most recently at a restaurant in London. He has worked collaboratively with curators and writers to realize exhibitions of works by among others, Wang Bing, Liu Chuang, Lav Diaz, Li Jinghu, Yu Ji, Nabuqi, Yao Qingmei, Song Ta, and Trevor Yeung. In March 2019, he recently co-curated with director Larys Frogier the first institutional solo exhibition in China for the German conceptual artist Tobias Rehberger.