RAM Walk&Talk: Where Is the Borderline| Sculpture and Installation in Contemporary Art

Venue: Rockbund Art Museum
Speaker: Gao Shan, Ren Jie

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About the Walk & Talk

The “Walk & Talk” series is designed to indulge audience with diversified perspectives and opportunities for appreciating exhibited artworks, which are provided by scholars, artists, critics, curators and professional journalists from their personal and subject-matter points of view.

This “Walk & Talk” session is dedicated to sculpture and installation. In terms of their development, sculpture focuses on the shaping of a structure, while installation, created on the basis of conceptual art, pays attention to assembling various parts. However, in today’s context of arts, are these two art forms still strictly following their definitions? In this session, two artists will shed light on the similarities and differences between sculpture and installation.

About the Speaker

Gao Shan, born in 1978 in Zhejiang Province, now serves as Associate Professor at Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts. She earned a bachelor’s degree (2002) and a master’s degree (2005) both in sculpture from China Academy of Art.

Ren Jie, born in 1982 in Shanghai, is now a faculty member of Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts. She holds a PhD in sculpture (2014) from China Academy of Art.