RAM Kids Workshop: Storyteller in the Art Museum

Venue: Rockbund Art Museum
Speaker: Yu Ji

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About the Workshop

What is an art museum? Why does it have walls? And windows? The walls are white, and there are pillars inside the halls where artworks are displayed. The sun is peeking through the windows, making shadows chase one another. I feel like my mind is wandering off… I love candies, but my mom doesn’t always allow me to have them. So I have secretly put some in my back pocket. Every time I touch my candies in the pocket, I feel there is a pony running in my heart… Can my mind wander off for a moment?

This Workshop invites children to an exhibition hall of RAM, where imaginative language and body gestures are used to guide children into the world of art. Would artworks become more intriguing if they are made to look less serious?


About the Instructor