In-between Borders | Part II: Dialogue 1+1

【HUGO BOSS ASIA ART 2015】1+1 Artist Talks

Venue: NIB Building
Speaker: Guan Xiao, Hsieh Feng-Rong, Huang Po-Chih, Li Qi, Liu Yingjiu, Moe Satt, Maria Taniguchi, Vandy Rattana, Yang Xinguang

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Guided by its mission of “mapping Asia”, the HUGO BOSS ASIA ART 2015 extends its spotlight from Greater China to include Southeast Asia, and puts focus on the dynamics between the two regions. Indeed, there is a shift taking place in political and economic relationships as result of the transformations which the countries have been going through respectively in recent years, and the changing contexts create new conditions for the artists’ work. As a generation whose lives and works have been profoundly shaped in this period, the 6 shortlist artists of this year’s Award provide a great chance to look at the strong challenges of our times particularly for Asian societies. Issues such as capitalism, technology, modernization, political and social conflicts, as well as the challenges at the forefront of artistic practice in each of the countries -- which have already become the subjects of many of their works featuring in the exhibition -- will be touched. At the same time, the singularities of each artist’s practice in response to their environments will be highlighted in the conversations.

The 1 + 1 conversation format reflects the fact that the Award takes the greater China as its base and a starting point of its explorations into the concept of Asia, and acknowledges the deep connections (and differences) between the Greater China and the SEA areas. The conversations will proceed in three sessions, each of which is participated by one artist from Greater China and one from SEA, with a moderator from the curatorial team of Rockbund Art Museum.

14:00-14:05    Liu Yingjiu (Deputy Director,RAM)
Introduction  刘迎九(上海外滩美术馆副馆长)

14:05 - 15:15   Huang Po-chin VS Moe Satt

Moderator: Hsieh Fengrong (Assistant curator, RAM)
主持人 谢丰嵘(上海外滩美术馆助理策展人)

15:20 - 16:30   Guan Xiao VS Maria Tanigushi

Moderator: Li Qi (Senior Curator, RAM)
主持人 李棋(上海外滩美术馆高级策展人)

16:35 - 16:50   Refreshment Break 茶歇

16:50 - 17:40   Vandy Rattana VS Yang Xinguang

Moderator Liu Yingjiu (Deputy Director, RAM)
主持人 刘迎九(上海外滩美术馆副馆长)