【HUGO BOSS ASIA ART 2015】RAM Talk | Singapore’s Historic Memory, Identity and Artistic Choice

Venue: 2F Y.W.C.A Building
Speaker: Liang Jie

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About the Talk

Founded in 1965, Singapore has only a short history of fifty years. Although it is small island with only several millions of people, it is a nation with multi-ethnic groups, multi-culture, multi-religion and multiple languages. It has been and is closely linked with Malaysia, Indonesia, China and India. When it comes to the reconstruction of identity, history becomes a thorny issue for Singapore. Arts always connects with our daily life, so art creation in Singapore is always associated with identity.

About the Speaker

Liang Jie, Doctor of Economics at Fudan University and Post Doctorate at Australia’s Monash University, now teaches at the School of Economics, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.

About Home-city Conversations

HUGO BOSS ASIA ART (HBAA) is a platform and an on-going process of investigating into the concept of Asia and the transformation of art in this region in the global times. Through selection process and education and exhibition programs, each edition steps into new territories toward mapping contemporary art in Asia in multiple facets and layers. Following the success of the first edition focusing on Greater China, the 2015 Award goes on to look at SE Asia, which represents a response to the shifting geo-political situations in this area and a further move of the Award towards its mission.

With 6 shortlist artists selected in this year from mainland China, Taiwan, Myanmar, Cambodia and Philippines, it is an evitable challenge to discover and present the full contexts of each artist’s work for the public and art community in Shanghai and beyond. Indeed artists do not just work in their studios, but are deeply engaged with their physical, social and historical environments and respond to such challenges through their work. Therefore, as part of the 2015 HBAA education program, Home City Conversations attempts to look at the immediate contexts for the shortlist artists’ work – from the cities they live and work in – by studio visit and public conversations. At the same time, such processes will also create a new framework for discussing about their work locally, enable the subjects and media that the artists are concerned with to be considered with reference to wider practices of artists across Asia. We believe these activities will engage with the local people and art community, and bring new light to the artists’ work as well as to the regions for an international audience.

The conversations will be organized by Rockbund Art Museum, and will take place from September to November 2015 in Beijing, Manila, Yangon and Taipei. Each stop will be co-hosted by one local art institution and joined by one local curator. The entire process will be documented and reported by journalists from Shanghai and international media.